with even more before my dad

Last week I traveled to my parents’ home in New Jersey for a very special bridal shower thrown by my wonderful mom in my honor. She transformed the house into a coffee shop using vintage goodies from her own collection, as well as those borrowed from several of her vintage-loving friends. I didn’t get very many photos because I was too busy saying hello to lots of special ladies that I don’t get to see often enough, but I just couldn’t resist sharing some of the special details.

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To go along with the vintage coffee shop theme, my dad (who is a graphic designer) designed these chalkboard-inspired invitations—so cute! The theme was a surprise for me until I arrived at the house several days before the party.

This chalkboard was made by one of my mom’s friends and generously gifted to me. I hope to reuse it at the wedding as well! Together, my mom and I figured out some tips for chalkboard writing, which I’ll share soon. See the vintage toy tractors on the mantle? A clever nod to my Weddingbee moniker!

These vintage cups and saucers were the inspiration for the theme of the whole party! They were borrowed from one of my mom’s friends, and guests enjoyed coffee and tea from them throughout the party.

With my lovely momma. She was a bit nervous, having never thrown a shower before, but she did a wonderful job putting together lots of special details!

We had a beautiful spread of mini sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and desserts!! You can see those tulips in one of the vases from my milk-glass collection. The brass pear, one of my mom’s recent thrift-store finds,2016六合图库彩图东方心经 13期, is a nod to our wedding venue and its pear orchards!

Above are delicious cupcakes from a local bakery, decorated with cute picks made by my aunt. It’s hard to tell, but they have little coffee cups and our names in the middle! Some of the cake plates are from my mom’s collection and some are borrowed from friends—we will be reusing many of them for the pie bar at the wedding.

We had 16 guests in attendance, with even more before my dad, uncle, and male cousins left to go bowling. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the full group, but this photo showed how guests were packed in every corner! I love how you can see Cousin J in the middle eying all the treats. (Don’t worry, he got plenty.)

A few wonderful friends made it out for the party! These girls were such good sports and were glad to spontaneously play the roles of host during our version of “The Newlywed Game”!

Some lovely guests: my grandma, Cousin K, Great Aunt J, and Mini Cousin J.

Besides the game, we did the usual shower activity of gift opening. I won’t bore you with too many photos of gifts, but I had to share this one because, first of all, this vintage apron is just too sweet, and secondly, C’s shocked and delighted face (to my right) is just too cute!

I helped my mom put together these little favors to thank the guests for coming,松柏小学首届科技嘉年华暨科技节闭幕式在大礼堂隆重举行. We dipped spoons in various colors of chocolate and sprinkles to create these chocolate coffee stirrers. My dad designed the chalkboard tags to match with the invitations!

Did you have any showers or celebrations leading up to your wedding day?

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